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In any creative endeavour there are are awards, accolades and publications you aspire to. Early on in her career, Megan initially trained State and National hair competitions which is where her love for couture and creative hair began. Since then Crown and Glory has joined many teams in the quest for the perfect image and the aim to bring a vision to life.


“It really has been an amazing journey having my work photographed by some of Queensland’s most sought after photographers and through this I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of Australia’s best”

—says megan



“Its always different. Different model, different direction - it challenges you to complement the people around you. It’s a beautiful experience to bring so many people to the table to create something, something people want to leave their eye on a little longer because they haven’t seen it before and they are drawn to it.”


“There have been many awards and publications and they all are definitely a part of it, but sometimes it’s the more underground projects that have given me the best lessons. In a funny kind of way all of this comes back to my clients as well and that is just as important as my creative work. It really is about keeping that passion for hair itself”.

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