Crown and Glory brings a unique approach to hair.
A one-on-one personalised salon experience with stylist Megan Eddy in her carefully curated salon.


Megan has 26 years experience in the industry and is passionate about making her clients feel and look amazing.  Her dedication to her craft has seen her work across a variety of mediums including fashion, wedding and session styling. She specialises in colour correction and has a wealth of knowledge and intuition to draw from. She knows that the right cut makes all the difference and that it not only needs to suit your image, but also your lifestyle.

Crown and Glory has provided a great platform to experiment in so many forms of hairdressing. With the variety of so many aesthetics it really is easy to be in love with the craft of hair, says Megan. No day is the same and it's such a humbling place to be - helping make people feel beautiful. It's unlike any other craft in that sense; someone allowing you in their personal space. I love that fact people feel that trust in me to do that.



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